About me

My name is Veronika Sulánská alias Veroes, I was born 10.6 1971 in Prague. I studied pedagogic school. As a small girl I knew somewhere inside me that Prague will not be the only place I will live in. So when I was 24 I took the first opportunity and left to Italy, where I finally lived and worked.
I think there was the first moment when I started to paint and study art as a autodidact, feel colors and put them on the paper. Many times I was returning to my childhood, remembering how I loved to paint and wanted to work as a designer. But sometimes life does not fulfill all our wishes and we must go a long way to understand something and get the courage and believe in ourselves.
Maybe it was Italy, country full of sun, diverse colors and splendid desings, which after years, that time in Prague, gave me the right moment to think and at the age of 43 I started to paint and create art again.
Italy, the country that you just cannot forget ... I dont know, but it does not matter what was it, I am happy that the moment came and I found the courage. In life it is not important to understand everything like the others, but to be able to accept it and be yourself.


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Acrylic on canvas

Ryby - Fish 2014 Fish - 2014     70x50 cm     SOLD

Femme Fatale - 2014     60x90 cm     660 EUR

Emotion - 2015     50x100 cm     SOLD

Acrylic on canvas with 3 dimensional effect

Peacocks - 2016     2x 50x100 cm     1400 EUR

Twins - 2017     2x 50x100 cm     1400 EUR

Acrylic on canvas

Lazy tomcat - 2018     60x90 cm     580 EUR

Pretty cat - 2018     60x80 cm     580 EUR


The exhibition of ceramic lamps "Veroes" you can see from 15.5.2019 to 15.8.2019

„Gallery of the Czech design“
Na Příkopě 24, Praha 1 Nové Město

During the creation of my paintings, I started to realize a long-term idea to transform old, unused ceramic amphoraes and lamps, which are really originals for their untraditional, colorful and handpainted design. These pieces can make home and hotel environments nice and cozy.
The lamps are handpainted and varnished by transparent and protecting coat.Of course, I should not forget to thank my team, which is working with me on the lamps, whether it is a stylist or a revisionist and electrician, who provide the lighting and technical side of lighting.

Venezia - gold color
Dimensions : 82 cm x 40 cm
Shade – imitation of parchment

Vivani - black color
Dimensions : 72 cm x 45 cm
Shade – imitation of leather

Veroes - peacock color
Dimensions : 123 cm x 45 cm
Shade – imitation of parchment


Exhibition Daydreaming
Latin Art Gallery   09.11. - 03.12.2018

In case of interest, it is possible to arrange an exhibition of images in your place.
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